Roband Heat Lamp Assembly - 1200mm 3 Lamps 1050watts

Roband Heat Lamp Assembly - 1200mm 3 Lamps 1050watts

Supplier: Roband Australia

For use in either front or back of house, these units come fitted with newly designed quartz halogen globes engineered to give a balance of heat and light.

  • Roband Quartz Heat Lamp Assemblies are manufactured from an exclusive extruded anodized aluminium section, specifically designed to breathe.
  • The globes have a unique screw-mounted tail connection that prevents terminal corrosion and hot joints, thus increasing globe longevity.
  • All units are fitted with toughened safety glass covers over each light.
  • They also feature a simple mounting system and come complete with an isolating switch and 10 amp plug and cord.
  • Power: 230 volt 1200watt 10amp
  • Dimensions: 110w x 1200l x 83mm h

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