Single Zone Induction Wok

Single Zone Induction Wok

Supplier: Electrolux


The Electrolux Libero Line offers a complete package of plug-in appliances suitable for every food service location to cook, fry, grill and chill all kinds of dishes in a quick and easy way.

In a very compact space with this versatile induction wok you can heat up and start cooking all kinds of stir fry food, Asian style dishes and more.

  • Heavy duty construction in AISI 304
  • High impact, heavy duty glass-ceramic wok bowl, designed for professional use and shaped to accommodate wok induction pans.
  • 4 adjustable feet.
  • Single induction wok shaped bowl with digital touch button controls.
  • Digital power level display from 1 to 12. Three rapid selection buttons set at levels 6, 10 and 12 for fast and easy use.
  • Induction heating is extremely fast. No heat emitted into the work environment.
  • Suitable for stir fry meat, vegetables and Asian style dishes but even for food mixes like pasta, soups, scrambled eggs etc.
  • Power: 230 volt 3.2 kw (16amp)
  • Dimensions: 325w x 400d x 180mm h

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