Woodson Countertop Salamander W.GTSQI15

Woodson Countertop Salamander W.GTSQI15
  • Energy efficient ‘instant’ heat, ceramic coated glass infrared elements
  • Fast, exceptionally even grilling and toasting
  • 2 operation modes - timer or simple “in is on” mode that uses a rack activated toggle switch (All power to top elements only)
  • Multiple position slides and rack for safer loading
  • Easy to clean removable crumb tray
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 551 x 351 x 87mm internal opening
  • Includes wall mount brackets as standard
  • Power: 240 volt, 3.36kW fitted with 15amp 3pin plug and lead
  • Dimensions of 673w x 527 x 372mm h

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