Electrolux Air-O-Chill/Freezer 10x GN 2/1

Electrolux Air-O-Chill/Freezer 10x GN 2/1

Supplier: Electrolux



  • Soft Chilling (air temperature -2°C).
  • Hard Chilling (air temperature -20°C).
  • Probe-driven cycles feature ARTE (Algorithm for Remaining
  • Time Estimation) to make planning the activities easier.
  • Control unit provides two large displays to read out: time,
  • core temperature, cycle countdown, alarms, service information.
  • Audible alarm starts when the cycle ends or terminates abnormally.
  • All information related to the different operating models are
  • recorded: date, time, cycle, core temperature, holding temperature, HACCP accordance.
  • Turbo cooling: chiller works continuously at the desired
  • temperature; ideal for continuous production.
  • Control unit provides several operating settings (programmable parameters): time/core temperature according to NF and UK regulations, time/air temperature/probe personalized according to national regulations,
  • sterilizing cycle: UV lamps built-in (on request), 3 single sensor or 3-sensor temperature probes (as accessory), ideal for meats, automatic defrosting and manual defrosting.
  • Possibility to operate by time or by probe.
  • Shock freezing (low air temperature adjustable up to -41ºC.)
  • Holding at +3 °C for chilling or -18 °C for freezing, automatically activated at the end of each cycle, to save
  • energy and maintain the target temperature (manual activation is also possible).
  • Dimensions: 895w x 1007d x 1730mm h
  • Power: 400 volt 12 amp 3N

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