Electrolux Skyline ChillS Blast Chiller Freezer 10GN 1/1 50/50Kg

Electrolux Skyline ChillS Blast Chiller Freezer 10GN 1/1 50/50Kg
  • High resolution full touch screen interface (translated in more than 30 languages) - color-blind friendly panel.
  • Blast Chilling cycle: 50 kg from +90°C up to + 3°C in less than 90 minutes.
  • Blast Freezing cycle: 50 kg from 90ºC up to -18ºC in less than four hours.
  • Chilling cycle (+10°C to -41°C) with automatic preset
  • cycles:
  • Soft chilling (air temperature 0°C), ideal for delicate food and small portions.
  • Hard chilling (air temperature -20°C), ideal for solid food and whole pieces.
  • X-Freeze cycle (+10°C to -41°C): ideal for blast freezing all kinds of food (raw, half or fully cooked).
  • Lite-Hot cycle (+40°C to -18°C): ideal for soft heating preparations.
  • Holding at +3 °C for chilling or -22 °C for freezing, automatically activated at the end of each cycle, to save energy and maintain the target temperature
  • (manual activation is also possible).
  • Turbo cooling: chiller works continuously at the desired temperature; ideal for continuous production.
  • Automatic mode including 10 food families (meat, poultry, fish, sauces and soup, vegetables, pasta/rice, bread, savory and sweet bakery, dessert,
  • beverage fast cooling) with 100+ different preinstalled variants.
  • Through Automatic Sensing
  • Phase the blast chiller optimizes the chilling process
  • according to size, quantity and type of food loaded to achieve the selected result.
  • Real time overview of the chilling parameters.
  • Possibility to personalize and save up to 70 variants per family.
  • Cycles+:
  • Cruise Cycle (Patented EP1716769B1 and related family) automatically sets the parameters for the quickest and best chilling (it works with probe)
  • - Proving
  • - Retarded Proving
  • - Fast Thawing
  • - Sushi&Sashimi (anisakis-free food)
  • - Chill Sous-vide
  • - Ice Cream
  • - Yogurt
  • - Chocolate
  • Programs mode: a maximum of 1000 programs can be stored in the blast chiller's memory, to recreate
  • the exact same high standard at any time.
  • The programs can be grouped in 16 different categories to better organize the menu. 16-step chilling programs also available.
  • MultiTimer function to manage up to 20 different chilling cycles at the same time, improving flexibility and ensuring excellent results.
  • Can be saved up to 200 MultiTimer programs.
  • OptiFlow air distribution system to achieve maximum performance in chilling/heating eveness and temperature control thanks to a special design
  • of the chamber combined with high precision
  • variable speed fan.
  • Fan with 7 speed levels.
  • Fan stops in less than 5 seconds when door is opened.
  • Power: 400 volt 3 Phase, 4.15kw
  • Dimensions: 895w x 939d x 1731mm h
  • Weight: 274kg

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